How to check for indexing and its importance

April 3, 2017


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If you have a private blog network one of the first things you’ll want to do is make sure the site is indexed within the search engines before sending a link out from that specific website to any other website. If you send a link out from a website that is not indexed it will look extremely fishy to the search engines when they crawl your page and see that you have a links coming from a website that is not even indexed within their search engines. If a website is not indexed within a specific search engines and they do not know that it exists or they do not believe that it is quality content so they do not want to take up their search engine disk space with websites that have irrelevant or duplicate content on their which will not be beneficial to any users who are using their search engines.

There are several ways that you can go about finding if your site is indexed within the search engines which I have covered in other articles so I will not take the time to do so now but this is one of the first things you will do before linking out. Often times if you are buying websites for your private blog network you can use aggregator such as register compass who have an option to verify that the site is currently indexed within the search engines. This means that you do not have to wait for the search engines to crawl your website before you can post content with links on their to power up any money sites you may have.

Another way you can go about indexing your site with in the search engines is to the use of Webmaster tools for Google. Webmaster tools allows you to submit your site to the search engine so that they know of its existence. Once a search engine knows of your websites existence they will send a bot to crawl it to see what kind of information and content it has within it. Often times you will simply want to put a few hundred word post with unique content to help the site become index before you start posting the rest of your content with any links associated with that content. Often times when you submit a site to Webmaster tools that is immediately indexed but other times you may have to wait a few days often times you will only have to wait 24 hours.

You also must take into consideration that many times the site will continue to be indexed when it is an auction phase. This is because the site is still active but often times it is simply propagated with a parked page or a hosting page. Even though it does not have any of its original or unique content this does not harm it from possibly becoming de-indexed. The search engines know what is going on and they will allow the site to remain there for extended periods of time and on some occasions I have seen websites that have been parked while also being indexed for over three years.

working on your businessTo sum up this small post it is extremely important to verify that the site is index before linking out from it to any money sites that you are attempting to rank and is also important to buy auction domains that Artie have indexed pages because this will help to speed up the process of building links to websites you are trying to rank. This is one of the small things that is often times overlooked by search engine optimization experts but it is one of the major things that will help cut down time needed for building websites and linking out from them. If your looking for someone to help you with this you can check out these guys, they really know what they’re talking about and they can help you with just about anything you might need help with, check them out here: Search Engine Optimization Grand Rapids or Search Engine Optimization Company Ann Arbor. You must always remember that the search engines are robots in anything you can do to mitigate any confusion they may have for any suspicion that may be pointed toward you will help you and your overall process of ranking websites within the serps.

And you also must remember that when you are trying to rank your website do not stop linking to that website until you have gotten where you want to be, just ask any SEO Service provider. So just stop thinking, and keep linking.