Understanding the various factors incorporated with search engine optimization

April 5, 2017


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There are many things you need to be taken into consideration in regards to search engine optimization all the various aspects that come into play when attempting to rank a website within the serps. Need to take in consideration that does not matter what type of site or page you are attempting to rank as long as you have the specific URL string you are attempting to rank and you send links to that you are a string along with many other factors incorporated with that. One of the first things you want to take into consideration is the name of the website. If you are attempting to rank a website that has one of the keywords you are trying to rank for within the URL string of the website it will be much easier and take much less time to rank for those keywords. The reasoning behind this is due to the fact the search engines very highly credit the URL string because once you create a URL string is not easy for you to change that URL string so you are committed to it like the URL string associated with this website West Bloomfield SEO Agency – MichiganSEOPRO.com, they are committed to doing that specific task in that specific location for the given page on their website.

Of course there are ways to get around changing the URL string such as a 301 redirect and other various redirect that can be associated with changing your URLs but this is one of the largest contribute factors to how it website will rank in the search engines. Another thing you must take into consideration is the content within the home page. If you are attempting to rank for certain keywords or a certain general topic then you will want to make sure that the content within your home page has that topic on it. Often times search engines will have a very hard time figuring out where they want to place within their serps if you do not give them the needed information for them to do so.

I say this very often and I cannot say it enough because you need to remember that the search engines are robots and the easiest thing for you to do is give them all the information they need to know in order to rank your site where you want to be placed. When you leave things up to interpretation and you allowed the search engines to make up their minds and don’t give them the specific answers to the test that you want them to know then you are leaving a large opening for bad things to happen to your website and the areas within the serps were your website will rank. You want to make it as easy as possible for the search engines to understand exactly what your site is about and the keyword you are attempting to rank. Often times you will do this with your on page content with things such as H tags and titles. You also want to take care of these things within the inner URLs for example michiganseopro.com/waterford – click the link, meta-descriptions, and other things such as tags and categories.

Building the website and properly optimizing it is one of the easiest things to do but it is often times one of the things that people mess up on. If you do not know what you’re doing and you do not have specifics or an idea as to what needs to be done it can very easily be messed up and this can be detrimental to the overall ranking of a website. You do not want to be under optimized regards to the content and keyword you want to rank for but you also do not want to be over optimized. You need to find that happy medium between the two and once you do your search engine optimization campaigns will go much more smoothly but of course this takes a lot of testing and often times it is more advantageous to make friends with in the search engine optimization community so you can reflect and review your results amongst each other.search engine optimization

Finally you want to make sure that you have an adequate number of links coming into the site. Many people will say that linking to a website is no longer very effective but of course it is. Links are one of the key ways that the search engines find out what your site is about because it is like a virtual vote for your website. When you receive a link to your site is like someone saying that you are an accredited source for the topic in which they are referring the people from their website too. Links are one of the harder things to accomplish and they also one of the hardest things to get and you must also take into consideration the anchor text associated with the links such as Visit this site Today – michiganseopro.com – Grand Rapids Page. This is by the search engines have such a heavy weight on them. With that being said it is very easy for you to go out and get links from directories and citations, which is why these links do not hold as much value as getting a contextual link on the homepage of a website that has a keyword anchor text pointing to your site. This is where a private blog network comes into play.

A private blog network allows you to place links on websites that you own pointing to other websites that either you own or are a client of yours which allows you to pass on the power from that website to your website you are trying to rank. It is astonishing that many people within the search engine optimization world believes that PBN’s or private blog networks no longer work along with links. In my personal opinion without incorporating this into your arsenal it is very hard for you to rank websites and often times you will be left behind by other search engine optimization expert to incorporate this into their tool belt. Of course this is all up to you and it is your decision which way you want to go about ranking websites, either white hat, or black hat, but either way it is your personal choice and if you have the ability to rank websites than it does not matter which hat you choose as long as you are achieving your goals at the end of the day.


How to properly set up hosting accounts

April 5, 2017


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There are many ways to go about setting up hosting account but if you are setting up hosting accounts in regards to search engine optimization ranking websites and there is really only one way to go about setting up these hosts. If you are using a hosting platform that allows you to put all of your websites on one hosted platform and have them all hosted from that one host while also having individual and different IP’s and this is one way to go about setting up hosting for ranking websites. The downside to hosting your private blog network with a hosting company like this is the fact that you will generally be having your host put you on shared IP’s that are filled with other individuals private blog networks. If you have questions about this topic you can visit michigan seo pro’s website and they’ll answer any further questions we didn’t get to in this post.

hosting for websitesThis is very easy for the search engines to find and often times they will go through these bad neighborhoods of websites and de-indexed them or penalize them all in one swoop. You have to take into consideration that it is just as easy for the search engines and large aggregators to simply purchase these hosting accounts under an alias and then figure out what is going on which will allow them to go through and terminate all of these various accounts. This is happened to an individual that I know who was hosting all of their sites within their private blog network with one of these hosts that will give each website its own individual IP and overnight he wants to well over $1 million worth of websites he had incorporated into both his private blog network and his money sites, this would be catastrophic to most business but he was able to bounce back with the help of a Detroit Seo Company – michiganseopro.com website.

A much safer way to go about hosting the sites within your private blog network is to get various hosting accounts. For example if you have a site that is going to need 50 private blog network links pointing to it that you will need to get 50 individual hosting accounts. When you get up into this range it can become very expensive to have 50 different hosting accounts but often times you can find discounts for these hosting accounts and sign up for their longer-term services so you pay a smaller amount for a longer duration of time. For example I have a code that gets me 85% off of host gator hosting which brings it to $53.73 for a three-year hosting contract. As many people know host gator is a very good hosting company and it is extremely easy to navigate their interface along with their cPanel to set up your private blog network sites. The reason why you want to go about having all of your sites on different hosting accounts is largely due to the fact that you want to stay away from creating a footprint.

If you have all of your websites coming from one hosting account that changes the IP address of each site they are still coming from the same hosting account which can seem extremely unnatural. If you have a bunch of sites coming from various hosting accounts this is more realistic in the grand scheme of things and it helps you to hide in plain sight in regards to being found by the search engines. This is a method of hosting that is not often talked about because in terms of search engine optimization you do not want your competitors to be able to outsmart her out with the search engines any more than you are. This is a very secretive subject and often times it takes a lot to get a little bit of information out of some of the world’s best search engine optimization expert.

To reiterate by having all of your websites hosted on different hosting accounts you will want to get a unlimited plan. This will allow you to put an unlimited number of domains on your hosting accounts so that if you have 50 hosting accounts than you could host 50 new websites within those hosting accounts and point them to another money site or clients that you are attempting to rank. This also helps you stay away from footprints because they are different sites on the same IP which is very realistic because often times these hosting platforms will have sometimes hundreds of sites hosted on one shared IP. If you would like to spend more money you could always get a dedicated IP for each individual website were hosting and then linking to aim money site with but this can become extremely expensive and often times the juice is not worth the squeeze in regards to doing this.

The only time I would recommend doing this is if you have an extremely big client that is paying you a very large amount of money and you want to dedicate a specific chunk of your private blog network to their website alone. Another way you could go about hosting is to simply set up your own server within your house that will host all of your sites within your private blog network on it which you have full control over. This can also be a very expensive endeavor but I personally know a few people that go down this route and they seem to like it very much and it becomes cost-effective after you have so many sites that need hosting.


How to check for indexing and its importance

April 3, 2017


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If you have a private blog network one of the first things you’ll want to do is make sure the site is indexed within the search engines before sending a link out from that specific website to any other website. If you send a link out from a website that is not indexed it will look extremely fishy to the search engines when they crawl your page and see that you have a links coming from a website that is not even indexed within their search engines. If a website is not indexed within a specific search engines and they do not know that it exists or they do not believe that it is quality content so they do not want to take up their search engine disk space with websites that have irrelevant or duplicate content on their which will not be beneficial to any users who are using their search engines.

There are several ways that you can go about finding if your site is indexed within the search engines which I have covered in other articles so I will not take the time to do so now but this is one of the first things you will do before linking out. Often times if you are buying websites for your private blog network you can use aggregator such as register compass who have an option to verify that the site is currently indexed within the search engines. This means that you do not have to wait for the search engines to crawl your website before you can post content with links on their to power up any money sites you may have.

Another way you can go about indexing your site with in the search engines is to the use of Webmaster tools for Google. Webmaster tools allows you to submit your site to the search engine so that they know of its existence. Once a search engine knows of your websites existence they will send a bot to crawl it to see what kind of information and content it has within it. Often times you will simply want to put a few hundred word post with unique content to help the site become index before you start posting the rest of your content with any links associated with that content. Often times when you submit a site to Webmaster tools that is immediately indexed but other times you may have to wait a few days often times you will only have to wait 24 hours.

You also must take into consideration that many times the site will continue to be indexed when it is an auction phase. This is because the site is still active but often times it is simply propagated with a parked page or a hosting page. Even though it does not have any of its original or unique content this does not harm it from possibly becoming de-indexed. The search engines know what is going on and they will allow the site to remain there for extended periods of time and on some occasions I have seen websites that have been parked while also being indexed for over three years.

working on your businessTo sum up this small post it is extremely important to verify that the site is index before linking out from it to any money sites that you are attempting to rank and is also important to buy auction domains that Artie have indexed pages because this will help to speed up the process of building links to websites you are trying to rank. This is one of the small things that is often times overlooked by search engine optimization experts but it is one of the major things that will help cut down time needed for building websites and linking out from them. If your looking for someone to help you with this you can check out these guys, they really know what they’re talking about and they can help you with just about anything you might need help with, check them out here: Search Engine Optimization Grand Rapids or Search Engine Optimization Company Ann Arbor. You must always remember that the search engines are robots in anything you can do to mitigate any confusion they may have for any suspicion that may be pointed toward you will help you and your overall process of ranking websites within the serps.

And you also must remember that when you are trying to rank your website do not stop linking to that website until you have gotten where you want to be, just ask any SEO Service provider. So just stop thinking, and keep linking.


What happens if a site becomes penalized

April 3, 2017


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There are several things that can happen if your site becomes penalized by the search engines. Not all of these things are bad but all of them must be taken into consideration because if your site is penalized that means you have been red flagged by the search engines and you will be scrutinized deeply. There are many reasons why a website will become penalized but often times it is largely due to being associated with people that you should not be associated with. Virtually you are guilty by association. Sometimes the search engines will penalize websites that are hosted on hosting accounts that have many spam sites in them, you can ask any SEO Company and they will agree with this statement. Even if your site is not a spam he site or does not have any spam associated with it your site will still become penalized because it is associated with this bad neighborhood. It is very common for the search engines to simply find all of these bad neighborhoods in the index them all at once.

Like I’ve said many times before I personally have a friend who has lost over $1 million due to having his websites in bad neighborhoods even though his websites were not spam he or were not associated with spamming other websites. This is always something that needs to be taken into consideration when looking for hosting accounts because often times the cheaper hosting accounts will allow the spam he cites to occupy their ranks while often times more expensive hosting accounts will not allow the sites to be found in them and if they are they are few and far between so those hosting accounts do not become penalized by the search engines.

Another thing you need to take into consideration if your site is been penalized as what kind of a penalty has received. If your site has received a peer spam penalty than virtually this website is beyond the realm of fixing or getting the penalized site removed from its penalty. Generally when you get a peer spam penalty you will just want to simply get rid of the website and start a new one. It will not be worth the hassle to attempt to save the website unless it is a huge website for example Best Buy or Amazon. But often times if one of these websites gets a pure spam penalty they will be able to get rid of it because they are a huge company in comparison to a smaller mom-and-pop website that the search engines do not care about. There is also a spam penalty called unnatural linking. If your site has been caught of unnatural linking then often times it will be drop within the search engine results pages to page 2 or three. If your website has been flagged with an unnatural linking penalty this is a penalty that can easily be fought and you can ask for a reconsideration by the search engines.

Virtually all you’ll have to do is beg them to remove the penalty and promise them that the linking that you have done will never happen again and often times they will remove the penalty and you can continue to work on your website. You must take into consideration that once you have received one of these penalties your site will be red flag and will be very closely watch from there on out. Sometimes depending on the size of the website is simply easier to start a brand-new website instead of going to the hassle of communicating back and forth with the manual review team which can take weeks if not months to be completed. I once had a penalty like this on a site I was going to put within my private blog network and fortunately it only took a few days for the manual review team to review my request for reconsideration which was approved.

When it comes to penalties this is one of the things that you will want to stay as far away from as possible but often times once you have worked with hundreds if not thousands of sites that you will eventually come across these penalties if you’re lucky you can fins a Search Engine Optimization Company that can help you overcome a penalty. Sometimes there is actually nothing that can be done to reverse the damage that a penalty can do from a website but other times it is very easy to get a website out of the penalty and often times if you have the ability to do so people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for your specific set of skills. I personally know someone living in Texas who only works with websites that have been penalized and he specializes in reversing the damage that has been done by them and he makes over six figures per month by doing this tactic.

This skill is not something that is very easily learned and with the search engines continually updating their algorithms and changing their overall way of ranking websites it is something that needs to continuously be evolved and changed in order to be one step ahead of the search engines who are continuously attempting to get around search engine optimization experts gaming their algorithms and ranking websites at will.


We’ve taken a giant leap with our website

March 26, 2017


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We decided to take a giant leap with our website and we’re pretty sure were jumping in the right direction. We have had a lot of time to think about which direction we were going to move in and we’re pretty sure that we have made the right choice. We had a lot of meetings and even called in some of our most loyal visitors to see what they thought of the move and we have all come to the same conclusion, a much needed change needed to happen. So we hope you all enjoy the changes were going to be making to our site because we know that the information we are going to be giving you will help you to move forward in life with a new perspective. Only a short amount of time left before we open the flood gate, brace yourselves, it’s coming!